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F150 cruise control does not work

I have a 2002 F-150 with cruise control, and now it wont go on. Could it just be a fuse? I had some recall work so the thing doesn’t heat and burn up a few years ago, maybe that wiring job failed? Any ideas?

Check and make sure all the brake lights work. If there’s a brake light out the cruise won’t work.


Brake lights are wworking. Thanks for the tip, but now what?


Okay. Next thing to try is, take your left toe and place it behind the brake pedal and pull the pedal up. Now try engaging the cruise. If it works there’s a problem with the brake multi-function switch.


Excellent suggestion. I have been having a problem with the brake light going on without me pushing on it. I’ll pick it up and try. Good idea.

I looked in and it seems impossible to finagle that switch out if I want to replace it. It is very tight in there. Any secrets?


The recall part that was put on is a fused jumper harness if the cruise cut off switch was not leaking at that time.
If the switch has now begun to leak it may have blown the fuse in that harness which shows it is performing it’s function.

The cruise cutoff switch is on the brake master cylinder under the hood. The added fuses are in that little jumper wire plugged to it. The fuses are not obvious, they are in rubber holders strapped up with the wires and capped.

As always, check the fuses in the fuse box first.