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Cruise control quit

I recently changed out the power boost canister for the brakes on a 1990 f-150 2wd. it was succesfull but now i have no cruise control. i double checked my plugs, all good. i checked my brake lights, all good. brake pedal seem’s fine and completely raised when not in use. i looked for a fuse and can’t find it for that system, seems odd. it’s not in fuse jct under dash, can’t find a fuse jct under hood, seem’s odd also. no check engine light has lit. need help.

The Cruise is wired into the brake circuit. When you have it on and want to slow down, tap the brakes and a switch disconnects it.

You have to go back and trace the circuit as well as your brake light swith. Somewhere there is a disconnect.

Check and see if the brake pedal switch is adjusted properly.

There is a cruise control cancel switch on the master cylinder. If it is not working right or disconnected, cruise will mot work.