Cruise control F-150 2001

I try to do my own maint.

My cruise control on my 2001 F-150 lariet quit working.

No lights on the steering wheel.

What do you think?

No power, bad fuse, bad contact.

Thanks everyone

Wait, so you’re saying that there WAS a bad fuse, or are you asking if there could be? Because yes, it seems feasible that a fuse could cause this, have you checked them?

Does your horn work? Is your airbag light on?

I would check to see if your truck has a recall on the cruise control. On certain Ford products, the cruise control could start a fire, even when everything was turned off and the car was just sitting. My son’s father-in-law had a Lincoln that caught fire in the middle of the night. The car was parked outside, but the fire jumped to the eaves of the house and the family was out house for the better part of the year while the house was being rebuilt. About a week before the fire, the cruise control on the Lincoln had stopped working. The fire investigators suspected the fire started in the cruise control circuit, but the car was burned too badly to be certain. At any rate, check with Ford to see if your Ford is one that was recalled for the cruise control problem.

Does the horn work? I think you need a new “clock spring”.

It’s a long shot but check your 3rd/middle brake light. The cruise control wasn’t working on my 93 Caprice when I got it, replacement of a burned out 3rd brake light fixed it.

Ed B

Also, see if the vacuum thang is connected to the throttle. Sometimes something breaks off. I fixed two cruise controls by connecting the chain. A 72 Caddy and an 84 F-150. Some skill.