Cruise Control Problem

I love my 2003 Honda CR-V and it works perfectly except for the cruise control. It may work for 5 miles or 200 miles, but at some point while riding along just fine the car bucks, decreases and then increases speed, and then the cruise disengages. Once this happens, it takes a long time for the cruise control to take hold again. This is an intermittent problem and almost impossible for a mechanic to figure out. I’d love to solve this mystery as I plan to keep this car for at least 300,000 miles! I’m only up to 179,000. Any help would be most appreciated, thanks! Big Box

Is your CEL on? Any brake lights not working?

Brake lights work fine…what’s a CEL?

‘Check Engine’ light. Tells you if the engine computer senses a problem.

CEL is not on.

You might consider checking the brake light switch as a first step. It could be out of adjustment or as is sometimes the case, the small pad on the pedal that makes contact with the switch plunger will become indented. The indentation is slight but can be enough to affect cruise control functions.

This is what the little pad looks like.

If it has a manual transmission then the same could apply with a clutch switch. After that, maybe a problem with a speed sensor or speeed sensor wiring connector.

Check your vacuum lines for cracks or breaks.