2003 Honda C-RV Cruise Control Not Working

Hi, my cruise control does not engage at all nor does the light on the dash come on when the switch is turned on.

I went to the dealer and they said it was the main switch to the left of the dash. I replaced it and it didn’t fix the problem.

I’ve checked the brake switch as well and that is fine.

Can someone offer any other things to check that I may have missed?

Honda Cruise Control Fix With A Penny - YouTube

all you really needed to do was loosen the Brake Light switch and put it in further then tighten it back into the holder, they have a threaded portion to adjust them over time for this reason. I posted video to show what the problem could be.

See if any of the brake lights are out.

The cruise won’t work with a burned out brake light.


Brake lights are all good. Another idea?

I tried the penny trick and it didn’t work. Any other ideas?

did the dealer replace that switch or did you? if it was the dealer did it fix the cruise control? I am guessing you just asked the dealer and you just changed it. did you check for a blown fuse? check any vacuum hoses going to the cruise control actuator. if they are good it may be the actuator.

I changed the switch. It was an easy plug and play not worth $75 install fee. I will check vacuum lines. Another thread someone mentioned the clock spring as a possible issue. However, my horn is working and SRS light isn’t on so I thought those often go hand in hand with clock spring issues. Perhaps not I suppose if it’s just the cruise wiring into the clock spring. Preformatted text

I checked the main fuses #4 and #10 under dash. And all the fuses under the hood.

Here’s trouble-shooting instructions.



Thank you!!!

Where can I see the rest of the pages of this manual?

Honda CR-V (2006–2011) Owner’s Manual (hcrv.net)

I have a 2003, friend. Is there another?