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Cruise controll

My '05 chevy cavalier keeps intermittently losing hold of the cruise speed I have set. I can go for 10 miles, then suddenly it will let the gas pedal up; I can re-set it, then 2 miles later it lets up again. What could be the problem - sensor? vacuum line?

One thing to check is the brake light switch on the brake pedal. If that is set to close, just a road bump may give an intermittent ‘on’ which will put the cruise control in standby.

Hope that is what it is.

I also suspect the brake light switdh

Thank you so much. I forgot to mention that it seemed to cut off after going over bumps - I guess I didn’t think that could be an issue, I will definitely check the brake light switch, sounds like this could be the problem. You guys are great! Thanks again.

Besides the brake switch, check the brake lights, especially the center mounted one. I was having intermittent issues with the cruise on my 93 Caprice before it stopped working entirely. The center brake light had burned out disabling the cruise control.

Ed B.