Cruise Control problem

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500.

Within the past couple of weeks the cruise control has been intermittent in its function. I’m unable to get it to engage at highway speeds unless I stop the truck turn it off then restart it and even then it doesn’t always fix it.

The truck only has 30,000 miles on it.

Also, if it doesn’t want to engage no amount of pushing the button will make it engage, in short if it’s not working I know it will be out until I reach my destination; however, if it’s working it will work all the time until I turn off the vehicle. Once I turn off the truck I don’t know whether it will work next time or not.

I recommend you first check and make sure that the dis-engauge switch on the brake pedal is not causing the trouble. They sometimes need adjustment.

What’s the disengage switch and is there a way that I can adjust it? thanks. The cruise control was acting up again today and I tried to turn off the truck twice and it still would not engage.

There are switches on the brake and clutch pedals that will open (or close possibly) when the pedal is pushed down. This switch action causes the CC to disengage. Sometimes the switch needs adjustment to work correctly when the pedal is released back to the normal position.

Does the cruise control light go out or does the light stay on but the truck stops holding speed?

Well, on this truck when I hit the button the light will come on, but if the cruise control is not working, when I hit the button the light does not come on. The cruise control has never just turned off on it’s own, it stays on unless I purposely disengage it. The problem is that it does not always engage.

Going by your poster name I assume you like to work on troubles like this yourself. If you don’t have a service manual for the truck I recommend you purchase a factory manual for it. At least one that covers the electrical section if it is a seperate manual. That will help you understand the system and help you pin down the trouble with it.

Since this trouble is intermittent it may be hard to verify things are sending the correct inputs to the controller when this trouble happpens. I would try to check to see that the safety switches like on the brake pedal are working correctly and power to it is also ok. If those things are good then the trouble my be internal to the controller. There may be a bad connection or solder joint inside it.