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2003 Chevy Impala Cruise Control problem

Hello, intermittently my cruise control will disengage as I am driving down the highway with it engaged. When this happens you feel the car gives a little jerk and the dash light goes out for the cruise control. Its seems once this happens it will not work until you turn off the car and try it on the next trip. Also, sometimes when I go to turn on the cruise control it will not engage (no light on the dash board)…I would say that the cruise control works about 75% of the time for turn on but fails probably about 30% of the time while it is engaged…

Any ideas on what might be wrong?



The first thing to check is the operation of the brake light switch.

you might check your vaccumm lines, if you have a small leak it could cause this problem.

I dont believe there is a vacuum component in volved in the cruise control. I know in years past vacuum was used.IIRC

The cruise control in my '05 Pacifica is vacuum operated.

Check the third brake light, a burned out light disabled the cruise control on my 93 Caprice. No further problems since it was replaced 5 years ago.

Ed B.