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Cruise Control on 2011 KIA Sorento LX

I have a 2011 KIA Sorento LX (auto, 4-I). I’m very happy with my Sorento except for one problem. The cruise control will not set properly all of the time. I turn the cruise control on, get to the speed I want and press the Set button down but some times nothing happens. When this happens, I have to press the Cancel button and then press the Set button down and the cruise control will then set. Also, pressing the SET (-) button down to reduce speed once the cruise control is set will some times cut the cruise control off. The cruise control light does not go off but you have to reset the speed. My dealer says they cannot duplicate my problem and cannot fix it until it completely breaks. I truly appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks.

Your dealer is responsible for fixing this problem. If he doesn’t, then you can resort to the Lemon Law for your state. If you have been to him twice for this, then on the next visit, inform him that it is his last shot, your going Lemon Law on him if he doesn’t fix it. I’m sure he will then.

Your vehicle is still under warranty. You should be discussing this problem with your local KIA dealer.

The NC Lemon Law is only if the problem was reported in the first 24,000 miles. My problem started after that. And I am dealing with the KIA dealer that I bought from. I am going to take it back to the dealer one more time and then I am going to complain to KIA, Inc. But I need all of the information I can gather before I do this so please folks keep responding, which I do appreciate.

I used the cruise control on mine for the first time on a recent road trip down I-95 for a few hundred miles of flat and straight driving. I have the automantic, 6 cylinder, FWD version. It worked great. Please let us know the diagnosis once you’ve figured it out. Does is happen more often at particular speeds or at an incline?

Also make sure your going at a speed fast enough to engage it. Most won’t engage at speeds below 35-40mph.

I had same issue. Dealer replaced my Clock Spring 3 times so far evertime it fixes this issue then about 500 to 1000 miles it comes back. Clock spring. Clock spring.

My 2011 lx sorento doesnt have cruise control… but a I checjed, it must be a standard option. what happend?

You questioned a 7 year old post about a new car with your used car question.

Except it isn’t standard or your car would have it.