Cruise control shuts off

I have a 2009 Mercury Milan. Ever since I have had the car I have had a problem with the cruise control suddenly turning off. It is erratic and will happen usually once on a two hour trip on the highway day or night. And it completely turns off - no RESUME. It never puts up any codes that the dealer can see. The dealer will not do anything because they cannot duplicate the problem. They tried once on a short 5 mile drive but they would have to take it on the highway and drive it for at least one half hour to an hour. They said there were no similar problems reported through Mercury. They initially suggested that perhaps I was accidently hitting the brake pedal but I have been acutely aware of where my feet are when it happens and it is not me. And anyway this would not explain the fact that it turns off completely. My warranty is going to run out in several months and I would like to get this fixed before it does. Any suggestions?

This is still a problem that still needs to be resolved with the dealer. If you try otherwise, you will have to pay and will void any further warranty help with the dealer.

I would ask them to give you something in writing that will give you warranty coverage on this item alone pass the time it ran out, if the problem worsens. Because you have notified them in a timely fashion and they have failed to rectify it, I feel they should. You are now going to find out how good your dealer actually is.

What Happens If You Tilt The Steering Wheel Up And Down While The Cruise Is Engaged ? Can You Get It To Malfunction ? I’m Thinking That There Could Be A Problem In The Steering Wheel/Steering Column Area.


SYNC Equipped ?

Since you have complained about this during the warranty period, you should get coverage after the warranty expires.

It is SYNC equipped but how would that factor in?
I have kept all of the documentation in case the warranty runs out and I still have the problem.

really sounds like a short. there is a switch, at least on the older cars, on the actual arm of the brake pedal that I believe will disengage when depressed. while you’re not pushing on the pedal, there could be a short there.

I’m not fimiliar with sync yet, all my Fords are pre-2000. CSA may be getting at a short in the wiring in the column. it could be many things.

BTW, DON’T tilt steering wheel up and down while driving!!

Try having them replace the brake switch that JP360FORD mentions. I could be bad intermittently and this would cause the problem and it’s cheap.

You can resume the set speed after hitting the brake on any cruise control I have used. The OP said that the system shuts off.

try checking your battery posts for corrosion or loose cables. I have an 08 Grand Prix GXP for the cruise control shut off when I flip the high beams on or off, used window switch, Etc. Turned out to be a loose negative cable.

I would hope they solved their problem by now as this question was asked 8 years ago.