Cruise control and brake failure on 2005 subaru forester standard transmission

my daughter was driving at about 65 mph with cruise control on and was cut off, when she put her foot on the brake, it didn’t work. she made it to the side safely. when she restarted the car minus cruise control, the brakes worked fine. one dealer told her he had, had similar complaints and couldn’t find anything wrong. Her own dealer checked out her car and couldn’t find a problem. Subaru, the main company said they had no complaints. I am worried about her driving the car.

any suggestions.


What most likely happened is that the cruise control did not disengage when the brake pedal was pushed and the engine overpowered the brakes. The most likely reason is that the brake switch could be intermittant. If the brake switch does not close the cruise control keeps right on doing its thing. You might get the Subaru on the highway; set the cruise control; and tap the brake pedal to see if it disengages the cruise control. Try this enough times until you are confident that the problem is not with the brake switch.

In the future, show your daughter the various ways to disable the cruise control. There usually is a manual movement of the stalk that will disengage the cruise control. Also there is an ‘on/off’ button that will shut off the entire unit. If worse comes to worse, bump the gear shift into neutral – let the engine take care of itself until you can get safely stopped off the road.

Hope that helps.

thanks. we will try that