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Crows dying on the highways around Boston


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At least someone around here has a sense of humor.

A relative related hearing a loud blam one morning. After investigating found a neighbor with a smoking shot gun and a couple dead crows. He just couldn’t take those things going after his garbage anymore. It was Iowa so no other action needed.


Proves my point people in Boston talk funny & it’s rubbing of on the crow’s.


Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?
I consider it three complete sentences and more than ten characters.
what will you next be requiring?

Yeah, ain’t computers fun? They’re kind of like cats just doing whatever they want and looking at you like you’re from Mars. Lol lol lol.

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There’s a couple of crows living near me, which I would toss crackers to once in a while. Now whenever I appear to be leaving they fly down and stand in front of my Corolla, and won’t let me go until I throw them some crackers. I have to keep crackers in the Corolla at all times, otherwise I have to stay at home … lol …

I’ve heard that crows will put walnuts in the road for cars to run over to crack 'em open.

We have crows that frequent our neighborhood, They seem to be in groups of 3, one will be scavenging the street for leftovers, and 2 are on watch out. Our neck of the woods the look outs do 3 caws if a car is coming, and the crow in the road takes notice, and flies away if the car is in the same lane, otherwise it sits and eats tossed french fries or whatever.

Sorry this is turning into Bird Talk instead of Car Talk. One morning I watched them around the garbage cans before pick up. Three of them actually triangulated as they checked out three different yards. Nothing random at all. It was a perfect assault and all the other birds stayed away. I’d like to see them fight the squirrel though for those walnuts cracked in the road. I try running over them whenever I can but never hit one yet. In fact when I was looking up the legal status of shooting them I read someplace that it is illegal not to shoot them.

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Crows do not fit the image suggested by the term “bird brain.”

Many experiments have been done by researchers. I’ve read studies suggesting that they are the smartest of all animals, smarter than apes, and even smarter than children.

The ideas of cracking nuts in the road and posting look-outs, etcetera, are quite possibly the result of intelligence and not just imaginary. :wink:

Here’s another intelligence test where a crow retrieves a tool, uses it to get another tool, which he uses to get food. Astonishing.

I would be more inclined to believe this were true if there were one camera that continuously recorded the entire episode. Instead there are many segments from many different angles.

But even that (one camera) could be faked. I’d like to see this in a peer reviewed journal.

Note, that I do understand that crows are quite intelligent, it’s the degree that is the question.

What, you think the UK might have faked its bird research? I’m shocked.

Intelligent or not, those things are a menace. Right up there with deer.

It was on PBS Nova. I think that qualifies as peer review.

I think there was a segment on that NOVA show where a crow opened a locked vessel and opened a door to get some food. I was looking for that feature when I came up,with the video I posted.

I have had friends run into a deer, Nothing like running into a crow, though I do not even know any body that cared enough about running into a crow if they did.