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'Rat King Dave' on rats in your engine compartment

I read the story. I saw nothing ground shaking.

However, better yet, when rats infest your car where you live, that’s Mother Nature’s way of telling you that it’s time to move from that rat infested neighborhood!
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Easy to say until it happens to you.

Gator bait!
The gators :crocodile: would devour them!
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I used to be in charge of pest control at a research facility in the middle of a wildlife preserve, and I can tell you the gators don’t put a dent in the rat population.


That’s interesting, but we’ve also got coyotes here at the golf course. I’d bet they’d be interested.
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Probably not enough of them either.

It’s not nearly that simple . . .

When I was at the dealership, we naturally saw several cases of rodent damage over the years

In many instances, the owners lived in EXTREMELY wealthy neighborhoods, with plenty of trees and bushes in the area.

So just because your car has suffered rate damage, does NOT necessarily mean you live in a bad neighborhood

So what will happen if/when it does happen to you . . . ?!

Will you immediately hit yourself on the head and “realize” you picked the wrong neighborhood . . . ?!

And let’s not forget there are also some very bad neighborhoods that don’t have rat problems . . .


Washington Post had a print article about this a few days before the posting here. This link might not work if you don’t have a subscription or pay money"

I thought the info was nothing new, having seen so many postings here about other rodents – mostly squirrels and mice – eating the cars’ wiring.