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Bird Poop Magnet

I don’t know about car colors but birds can definitely be aware of their excretory process and are quite capable of aiming.

Years ago while on holiday at my best friend’s house in Maine we rowed out to Mark Island to look around. It turned out that we were there just in time for the seagull nesting season and they were none too happy to see a couple of large mammals wandering around their nursery. On noticing this we were careful to give the nests a wide berth as we walked around the island. The gulls for their part made sure to reinforce our circumspect behavior with continuous strafing runs until we got back on the boat. Curiously they consistently dropped their loads very near us on the rocks not hitting us once during the entire visit.

Interestingly, in the past when the show took a debatable call, they would post here for opinions. This time they chose to only put this discussion on their blog page for comments. I feel slighted.

On the way to work this morning there was a story on the radio about an actual study done to determine if birds preferred to poop on different color cars. When I got to work I downloaded the podcast from last week and you were having the same discussion. Here is some insight in case you are bored enough to care.

Sad but true, over 15 years ago my new neighbor told me a story that I did not believe. He said that he and a cop friend harass people they don’t like by shooting, spraying, etc rehydrated chicken crap on peoples cars. He said they do it for many years and when you tell others it makes you looks crazy !!! Its true cops do this

my neighbors handy work continues after 14 years. Enjoy the pictures I don’t.

Perhaps I speak a bit past what I actually know to be fact. But the neighbor said his friend was an under cover cop. And all the other things that he said have ALL turned out to be correct