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Keeping critters out of a 2015 Toyota Defender

What can I do to keep critters from nesting under my hood and chewing on the starter wires? My neighbor had the same problem last year but they completely disabled her car. Mine, fortunately, was discovered last week during a oil change. My car is a Camry.

Not much, unfortunately. Check the garden center for rodent sprays. I hear mothballs can help. I used to have some critters that liked fiberglass hood insulation. I figure that, at least, tied up their intestines a bit but I could never keep them away.

OK, I put moth balls under there the other day cause I’ve know for years the animals don’t like those. Also read last year when my neighbor had the problem that dry sheets would work too. So I’ve got some of those under there too. Just thought if someone else knew of something better I’d try that too. Thanks for the advice!!

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A family friend has recently had wires to her Nissan Murano eaten by squirrels and mice. I don’t if it works but she was told by the dealership to try Fox urine to keep them out. I had a mice problem in my house a few years ago and they don’t like peppermint oil. Hopefully if you try either one those the scent doesn’t come in through the vents.

I can understand not wanting to have the odor of Fox urine (or, even fox urine… ) permeating the car’s interior, but I don’t think that most people would consider the odor of peppermint oil to be offensive.

I’ve never smelled Fox urine so I don’t if it would smell bad if it came through the vents or not. Peppermint my guess would probably smell better but depending how much you use can be pretty strong as well

I heard the bounce sheets work also. Tried them last year at the cabins and it seemed to keep the mice out of the cupboards. I would try stuffing panty hose or mesh bags with bounce and making a border wall. Definitely a pain. traps and the sonic things are possibly going to help. I do not know what help exterminators could provide.