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"Crickets" powering the car

I’ve a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan w/74k mi.

A sound like a lovelorn cricket is heard while the car is moving. It increses, decreases with the speed but is not heard at a stop. Braking seems to intensify the volume which deminishes as the car slows.

There is no unusual noise when the car idles.

I’d really like to free the critters and let “Raptor (car)” be her usual sneaky, quiet self.

Thanks, J

Could be a wheel bearing. I’d see a mechanic…if it is a wheel bearing, it’s dangerous to ignore.

Have the brakes ever been replaced? Could be the wear indicators.

I agree that this sounds like the wear indicators on your brakes. Have them checked before you damage the rotors and incur a bigger repair bill.