Bump and squeal when accelerating after full stop

I’ve had a 2007 Honda Fit with around $130K for a year. Car performs ok but a recent problem started that I’m not sure about.

When accelerating after a full stop, sometimes it makes a sound like tires squealing and sometimes a thump. I notice it happens when I accelerate normally; if I do it gently it doesn’t (but since I’m a former native New Yorker, “gentle” is not in my vocabulary). The squealing is not coming from my tires but from my engine. The thump happens only occasionally. And none of it happens when I’m driving; only when I start after a full stop.

Otherwise, acceleration and braking is no problem whatsoever.

It may or may not be relevant, but this problem started only after I got the car professionally washed.

Anyone have any ideas?

If the tires can definitely be ruled out, then–IMHO–a squeal that is heard upon acceleration may be the result of a slipping serpentine belt. Since the belt (and its tensioner) is likely 11 years old, it is very likely time to replace the belt, and perhaps also the tensioner.

VDC: Thanks so much! I’ll look into it.

BTW, also big thank you for answering my post last year. You were absolutely correct about my problem; the tires were overinflated. Much appreciated! :smile:

You’re very welcome!
While I can’t guarantee that the belt and/or the tensioner is the cause of the noise, I am pretty confident about that possibility.

Have a mechanic check your motor mounts. If your engine is moving around when you stop and accelerate, you could have symptoms like this, especially the thump. Hondas and Acuras of that age have an above-average failure rate for the motor mounts.

That is an excellent point, lion.
I agree that the OP should have the motor mounts checked–even though I was under the impression that this problem is “only” on the Odyssey, Pilot, and Accord.

Be sure to check under the seats and in the trunk that there’s nothing rolling around. Last week I heard a big “thump” on accelerating in my Corolla and discovered a golf ball had taken up residence under the seat.

I’ve had the same problem, over the years, on a few cars. It has always been engine misalignment due to bad engine mounts. I would check these, first. One may actually be broken, but you would never know it until you tried to lift the engine from the bad mount.