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Creaky turns

I recently started noticing that a creaking sound occasionally (but increasingly) when turning my 2005 Nissan Altima. It seems to happen more after storms, significant temperature changes, and in the morning. It happens when turning in either direction.

It doesn’t always happen, and I don’t feel any grinding or disturbance in the wheel when turning. I rolled the window down to see if I could hear any more clicking or popping when turning, but I don’t really seem to hear it outside of the car. It seems like it’s almost emanating from the steering column.

The sound is not a steady popping or clicking sound. It sounds more a slow creak, like you’d think of hearing on a door in an old scary movie. I think I’ve heard a click here and there, but I can’t be certain for sure.

The Guys got it pretty good right here:

If anybody out there has a diagnosis (and possible cure), I could be greatly appreciative.

Most likely, the noise is from bushings in the steering column that are dry.

Thanks for the insight! I’m heading to suggested mechanic from the Mechanic Files to take a closer look. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

There’s lots of possibilities. I’m going to guess that it’s either the bushings for the sway bar or the end links. I’ve attached a link to a typical FRW rear suspension to show you all the possibilities.

I had a “creaking” when turning issue with an '04 T’bird. It turned out to have a TSB from Ford and involved an elaborate fix with about 20 specific action steps. My point is if this is not easily resolved by a general mechanic, take it to a Nissan dealer for evaluation.