Creaking sound from front passenger wheel

My car creaks. I have just yanked on the front-passenger wheel (is that left or right… I think left) with my hands and there seems to be a little movement (micrometers I am sure)… at the same time a slight creaking sound.

Also when driving at low speeds (5-10 MPH) it creaks when turning the wheel slightly left or right.

Is it going to drop off?

My car is a Alfa Romeo 147, 2001 model… essentially a re branded Fiat but better! Yes, I live in Europe and love the show!

Have a mechanic check your ball joints.
If you have defective/worn ball joints it is possible for a wheel to part company with the car.

Not sure if this is what you did, but test this by jacking up the front-end so that the tires are free from the ground and try to move each tire (wheel, actually) side to side and top to bottom. Any movement means worn ball joints; if there is minute play, the part will not fall apart tomorrow, but eventually the joint will fail, and yes, that would be dangerous. If there is significant play in any direction, do not drive the car until it is repaired.
You need something done, certainly. Have the front end checked if the ball-joints are fine. There are plenty of linkages and sway bars and tie rods and such that could creak at low speed and fail at high speed.

Excellent. Will jack it up this week (I’m not using the car every day) and see how much play there is on the wheel. Many many thanks.