Creaking in front on turns after repairs

I have a 2001 Saturn SL with 77,000 miles on it. Recently, a front passenger side spring broke. The shop replaced several parts on both sides of the front end: struts, mounts, springs, rotors and pads. Now the car makes a creaking or groaning noise when turning corners (left or right)–a noise it never made before. I’m taking it back to the shop, but what should I expect? (I already blew my year’s car repair budget!) THANKS!

Triple threads here. Let’s try to stick with just one.

You’re quite right. Sorry to everyone. I didn’t know whether to submit my question to “second opinion” or “car questions”, and I thought I chose the wrong one, so I resubmitted it. THEN I remembered to mention the tires and thought I should have used a better search term/subject. Really, I apologize. This site’s been REALLY helpful in the past.