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Creaking front end

My 2005 ford freestyle (fwd) has a creaking noise when accellerating from stop and turning left but not when turning right. It’s been there for a while. I had a problem where front left wheel felt loose. Replaced struts no change. Replaced left front wheel ball joint and fixed that awful feeling, but it still creaks. Any ideas?

When You Replaced Struts, Did You Replace The Upper Mounts ? Did You Use The Revised Mounts That Ford Came Up With To Deal With Noise While Turning On 2005 - 2007 Freestyles, 500s, And Mercury Montegos ?

I’m not saying that would have taken care of the noise, for sure, but Ford issued a bulletin for their technicians outling help for noise while turning at low speeds. TSB # 08-4-20 does not say what sound the vehicle makes, though, when it needs the revised mounts. I could be worth looking into this.


How well did you check the rest of the front end out when you changed that ball joint? And did you check the bearings? It’s been my experience that when a ball joint on one side goes out, it’s an indicator that anything else that articulates needs to be thoroughly checked out. A ball joint doesn’t wear isolated from all the other joints. Wear happens to all joints simultaneously.

I agree with CSA’a comments, by the way. I just think that if a good thorough check of the entire front end isn’t done, you could be missing other worn parts.