Crazy Radio/Clock/CD player

I drive a 2001 Hyundai Elantra.

A while ago, my clock would dim out occasionally, but pushing on the screen would make it light up. I was doing that recently, and my radio comes on! Also, my radio skips like a CD, my CD player comes on all by itself whenever it wants to, and my CD player no longer works. My clock dims out and comes back on whenever it feels like it, and no longer brightens when you push on the plastic in front of it. Why would this be happening? Has anyone else with this car had this problem? It is the original Hyundai CD player.

Best Buy or Circuit City can fix that with a new CD player with a clock in it for about $100. Eventually even the radio wears out on a Hyundai.

Right, about 100-150 bucks will get you a GOOD unit. Why not do it and be happy for the next 5 years?