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Hyundai Elantra 2014 Radio, Clock and locks

Radio, clock and locks aren’t working. Had all the fuses checked and they’re said to be good. They said to contact Hyundai and it should be something to do with the TSB…? That they would fix it even though I bought it from a used private lot. I just called them and they want $160.00 just to diagnose. So I figured I’d come here and ask first. It saved me tons of money in the past when I was working on an older car!

$160 to diagnose an electrical issue like this is very reasonable. Frankly if we had a solid diagnosis, we could be more helpful in suggesting remedies.


TSB means Technical Service Bulletin. Carmakers send these to dealers and sometimes others when they have found a problem and a solution in some of their cars. A mechanic (not necessarily at a dealer) may be able to find a TSB that addresses this problem in the 2014 Elantra. Good luck!

Could be, hard to say.

There’s an audio system software update available, 16-1-18-2. If this isn’t the original radio, refer to 16-BE-6. For the door locks, 14-1-13-1. I expect however what you need — provided you have the original radio – is a proper shop diagnosis. Pay the $160. If you think that’s too much, get a quote from another shop. You don’t need to use a dealership shop for this.

I think Hyundai has pretty good internet access to repair information and outstanding tsbs they make available to their customers, you might want to inquire about that at a dealership.

You can save substantial $$ working on a 2014 too, but suggest to avoid the replace this, replace that method. It worked ok on older cars, but new cars you’ll often run out of money before you run out of ideas of things to replace. Focus on getting a accurate diagnosis first. Then you can decide to do the parts replacement yourself if you like.

Your post’s title remind me of the “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!” scene from The Wizard of Oz :slight_smile:

Or am I being an “OK Boomer” now? … lol

Gotcha. I just thought I’d cast a net and see if there was anyone out there with a simple solution. You don’t know unless ya ask.

And you can be any kind of boomer you want to be LoL! If I remember right, ok boomers are just the older logical ones offending the younger sensitive ones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll ask a million “stupid” questions before I make a know it all assumption :wink: Most people my age would rather pay someone to have something done or pay to upgrade but I’d much rather do it myself if I can!

Actually, most people trying to save a buck will spend several hundred dollars throwing parts at it hoping it will fix it.

When it was just 25 cent fuse that looked good, fuses need tested or replaced.

$160 for an accurate diagnosis could well be cheaper in the long run, as compared to random “throwing of parts” at the problem.

One inexpensive DIY step to take is to examine a wiring diagram and find a common factor (wire, fuse, connector, ground.)