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Crazy car commercials

Okay this one is for a transmission shop, but still made it to the local news.

@ DR deceased Eldest Brother used to tell of a Toyota commercial where an older model Corolla or some model Toyota was shown rolling down an embankment,after it stopped rolling(beatup a bit of course) 3-4 Japanese looking Guys came along and righted it and climbed in and started it up and drove away,
The old Mr Myjestyk Ford pickup commercials got Ford in a bit of hot water,because a Ford pickup owner, tried some of the stunts and the vehicle unmodified wouldnt stand that much abuse(had to be a real bright Guy),but truthfully the Fords as they were built in those days would probaly stand more then the other makes(but they sure didnt drive worth a darn)-Kevin

Yeah Dr Rocket, I remember it was a white Javelin. It was the coolest commercial. Would love to see that one again.

When you consider that marketing experts investigate a product’s potential market and produce commercials and ads that appeal to that group it seems the potential buyers are considered dimwitted, or worse.

But then so much of what is available for viewing on the media is geared to 8th grade drop outs living large pay check to pay check, so that group must comprise a significant segment of the market…

Have a little mercy on us folks entering their twilight years. I can’t remember the question from four years ago, let alone four hours ago. Be merciful and re-state the question or concern or comment again after a thread being dormant for a few years.

Normally I’m not offended, but that transmission commercial is about as sexist and in bad taste as they come. The guy should save his money on commercials because it is having the opposite effect. I wouldn’t take my car there for anything. Of course I wouldn’t take it to California anyway, but still what buffoon.

Since you are probably about the same age as I am…
Do you recall the commercials that Zsa Zsa Gabor did for AAMCO (or, possibly, Lee Myles)?
While standing in front of her Caddy limo, she stated that whenever she has problems with her “transcription”, she takes her car to that chain trans shop.


I think most people recognized it as a dumb blonde joke. I’m sure she wasn’t as dumb as she put on. She and her sister used that act to get rich.

Yeah Petticoat Junction was entirely different. Would you let your daughter anywhere near that transmission guy?? But you probably would have a problem with your son being near Zsa Zsa.
I get the two Gabores mixed up though.

Edit: Yeah that’s right, Green Acres.

Speaking of car commercials and age, I don’t really get the new Volvo ads; “You used to buy books too!” or some other “you used to”. So, this new hybrid Volvo is so cutting edge?
Me says, “You used to think Volvo’s are safe!”

Isn’t it a Chinese company now? So who knows the reasoning behind the commercials. I haven’t seen the commercials though.

The line in their new commercials that I find puzzling is that this new Volvo is “the car that you subscribe to”.
Is that a way of saying that one makes monthly leasing payments?
Or… what else could that cryptic line actually mean?

The show was Green Acres, and Ava Gabor portrayed the dumb blonde city girl. I must admit, though, that my favorite character on the show was Arnold Ziffle.

Studebaker was a sponsor of the Mr. Ed program, and the horse was used in some of the commercials for the new Lark.

My parents gave me their 1960 “lay down” Rambler when I was 15 years old! I missed seeing a lot of crappy movies at the drive-in.