Anyone remember commercials about a car that no one can describe?

A few years ago, some car company ran two commercials about a mid-size car that no one could describe.

The first was a James Bond type scenario, where he was getting away in a car while a bad guy reports to his boss. His boss asks him to describe the car, and he stumbles over a description while the good guy gets away.

The second uses one of the robots from The Terminator films, which looks at the car and tries to match it to a list of possibilities, and ends up shorting-out and collapsing.

Do any of you remember these commercials and what make of car it was? I was hoping to find the commercials on YouTube. But I can’t remember the make of the car, and all my Google etc. searches have come up blank.

Never saw those. Are you talking about an American commercial?

There are a lot of fun ones out there, Kia, Jaguar, could not find the on you reference, consolation prize?

See the hidden wolf?

@bing Over my head I fear, please explain for the wolf vision impaired. Revised OOps I think I saw it that little critter running to the side, was thinking, brushing of the shoulder thing, pretty lady or driver, my bad

Infinity ran a bunch of ads before the car was introduced that didn’t show the car at all. That’s been more than a few years ago, like 1989 for the 1990 model. Is that what you’re thinking of @DasherDooDad?

Do any of these look familiar?

Are you sure is wasn’t a very vivid dream? Did you see it in the US?

Ford didn’t put clear identification on some Taurus models a couple years ago. They might have done this to make car buyers mad.

Are you sure it wasn’t a service advisor struggling to explain what had gone wrong with the car instead? :smile:

I remember this commercial!

It features a bad guy running from good guys (or good guy running from bad guys?), and they’re closing in…all they need is for the witness to identify the getaway car…which nobody can.

Not a very effecitve commercial, if few remember the commercial at all, and those few who do, can’t remember what car they were selling! (Memory suggests to me it was for an “off the beaten path” luxury car…)

@Barkydog When you look at the video, at the end it says to watch it again and try to spot the hidden wolf. I did, right after the ride on the lake.

The commercial was on American TV. I usually watch the cable channels so I don’t know if it was shown to the regular broadcast (ABC/NBC/CBS etc.) audience.
I don’t think the car was Japanese or Korean.
I think the car was European rather than American, but don’t remember for sure.
I also think it looked like a regular mid-sized sedan car in the front but boxier in the back.

What’s a Matador?

Are you serious?

There were ads for the Matador that had people repeatedly asking “What’s a Matador?”.

Then there were the first Infiniti ads where no one who saw the ad could describe the car.

AMCs and Nashes were always considered pretty good pre-hearse transportation. My father’s last car was an Oleg Cassini Matador with a 360 CID engine. He was very proud of that car which he bought used at about 20K miles. When he quit driving, my mother sold it to a neighbor who later gave it to his granddaughters for a high school car. Those kids were 2nd cousins to my brother in law. They told him that they routinely drove it over 100 MPH on two lane county roads. Kids can be stupid.

The phrase THAT’S A MATADOR! appeared in the next series of ads.


I remember the commercial now but I don’t remember the car. I remember the guy was unable to describe it to police. It wasn’t a very long time ago so I think it was for the Fiat whatever it’s called.

“The phrase THAT’S A MATADOR! appeared in the next series of ads.”

I guess Buick is recycling those ads now.

I don’t get the Buick ads - seems like they want folks to think “Oh, that good looking car? That CAN’T be a Buick!”

Yes, I see those Buick ads ant think “that car looks EXACTLY like a Buick”.