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Car Alarm won't stop going off!

I have a 2000 Honda Accord with 170,000 miles on it. Runs great. The car alarm goes off randomly in spurts. Some days it goes off multiple times. Sometimes it will go a week or two without going off at all. The battery has been replaced in hopes of solving the problem. That didn’t work. So, I have taking out the alarm sounding device so as to not disturb the neighbors. However, I find that dangerous and it doesn’t solve the problem of the persistent alarm. I can tell when it is going off by the flashing lights. I thought it was the clicker, so I switched that and that didn’t help either. Help!

What can you tell us about this alarm? Factory installed or aftermarket? And why do you find it dangerous to not have a working alarm?

The alarm is factory installed. I don’t mind that the alarm isn’t sounding, but it is the horn that doesn’t work as well because that piece has been removed. Seems dangerous to not have a horn.

Is your dome light on when the alarm is going off?

Oftentimes an alarm will go off because a door-closed sensor isn’t working properly, and is telling the car that the door is open when it isn’t.

I have no idea how Honda hooks up their factory alarm, but a cheap and easy way to do it is to hook it in to the dome light circuit. That way if any door opens (or a door sensor claims one has opened) the dome light comes on, which trips the alarm. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s how yours is hooked up.

I had that problem so I stopped putting the keys in my pocket when at home. At work, I didn’t care because it’s all noise there.