Crank but won’t start

Hi :wave:t5: I drive a 2012 Toyota Corolla and I’m having a crank but no start issue I was hopeing to get some advice from the community . Let me back track a little . So for the last 2 weeks my maintenance light has been illuminated and me being a ignorant 20 year old I assumed it was for my over due oil change (no biggie right ?) I was waiting to get paid and I’d take it to be done . Well Wednesday on my way to work my gas light came on I got gas and headed in …but when I got off my car WOULD NOT START before that I was having no issues out of it no check engine light or anything . But now my check engine light was on .I let my uncle and a few people know what was going on just to hear what they may say is wrong and everyone hands down assured me it was my starter . Me being frugal I decided to watch multiple videos on YouTube and replace it myself . After it was replaced it’s still not turning over but now my check engine , maintenance , and battery light are all on . I purchased a code reader as a last attempt but no codes are stored anyone have any ideas on what might be going on it’s just out of no where

A bad crankshaft position sensor will prevent an engine from starting.


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And sadly, another perfectly good starter gets replaced.


I am a little confused. Your title states the engine cranks over and you replaced the starter to fix the problem. If the starter isn’t working then you need to check the safety switches that tie to the starter solenoid. Power has to get to the solenoid so it can turn on and then connect power to the starter motor.
If the engine is cranking but not starting then check to see if the ignition working. See if the plugs are getting spark to them. There very well could be an ignition problem causing the issue. The warning lights will be ON if the engine isn’t running, regardless if there is an issue or not.