2018 Toyota Corolla - Won't start

Cannot start. Battery, starter is good. gas is full. Run total 38000 km. Daily use. check engine and wheel light are on, wheel and shift are locked. it look like no gas supply to engine.

Has a dealer looked at the issue yet? Is it out of the warranty?

What code is the check engine light reporting? Code readers are inexpensive, most auto parts stores will read the code for free, but since you can’t start the car you can’t get there. I am also making an assumption that you are not in the US, so your parts store may not provide this service.

How do you know the battery is OK?

Does the engine crank? If it does, squirt a bit of starting fluid into the air intake, if the engine starts for a few seconds that points to a fuel problem.

But - knowing the check engine code will help a lot.

Is this a fails to crank (that rrr rrr rrr sound w/the key in start) problem? Or a cranks ok but won’t pop and run problem?

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I use OBD2 checked it. No any fault codes. Battery is good, because the starter still run. engine crank sound rrr and very powerful but no pop sound. Feel like no gas supply into engine. I drive back yesterday evening without any problem.

Cranks ok but won’t catch and run is usually either fuel or spark. Ask your shop to either test for spark at a spark plug during cranking, or do a fuel pressure test. Probably the most common cause is a fuel pump whose check-valve has failed and allows the fuel in the fuel rail to drain back into the tank.

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I haven’t talked with dealer. because I don’t know what’s the problem. and I don’t know what include in the warranty.

The problem is I cannot move the car. and my other question is: Will Toyota dealer cover the repair fee and related fee?

Since your car is under warranty best bet is to phone the dealership, explain the problem, and ask them what to do. They’ll first ask you to try a few things yourself. If none work they’ll probably recommend you have the car towed to their shop, using a tow company of your or their choosing. Or they may send their own tow truck. As far as what the warranty includes, that should all be in the warranty information booklet that came w/the car. Usually it would cover a cranks but won’t start problem. The main exceptions probably are if the car is found to be out of gas, or due to damage from an accident, using the wrong kind of fuel (diesel instead of gasoline), stuff like that. In oter words they don’t warranty problems caused by owner’s errors. Since you aren’t an expert on car repair , to avoid making an error, best to let the dealership solve this for you.


Thanks, It’s very helpful, I’ll talk to the dealer.
Really appreciated

You have a 36 mo/36000 mile (about 58000km) bumper to bumper warranty and a 60 mo/60000 mile (about 96500km) power train warranty. You have a warranty for a reason. One way or another you’re probably covered. Let the dealer take care of it.


repeating this, just because it is that good.

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You don’t need to know what the problem is . That is for the shop to determine , you just give a statement of what it is or not doing in clear language . Some where in your glove box there is some thing called the owners manual that will give you an idea of the vehicle warranty.

Yes, I just found it. I have Roadside Assistance, Powertrain Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage Expiration Data to 2021. I’ll call them.

… and, if you foolishly try to resolve this problem at your own expense, in addition to wasting money, you could wind-up voiding the warranty if you or your mechanic do something that is deemed inappropriate by the Toyota folks.

Never underestimate the populace at large…to …ah you know what I was gonna say.