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Corolla 2009

My wife’s Corolla is having a start up issue. When you turn the key, all the electric turns on but the engine does nothing. This happens intermittently. When we first took it in, the mechanic replaced the starter motor. Then it failed again, and we took it back. He said he tightened a wire and gave it back to us. It worked for a few days until this weekend it failed again. It stayed dead all the way through this morning until we had it towed in to a mechanic where it promptly started as soon as they turned the key. Any ideas?

Edit: Should read Corolla 2003

You say the “engine does nothing.” I assume that means the starter motor does not engage?

It could be the neutral safety switch. The car must be in park or neutral to start. Try jiggling the shift lever while turning the key, or move it from park to neutral if it won’t turn over at first.

There may also be a safety switch in the brake pedal so that the car won’t start if the brake pedal is not depressed. That could also be defective (if it has one).

It could also be the starter motor, the ignition switch itself, or any of the associated electrical wires and grounds.

Is the check engine light on? Does the shop that replaced the starter motor give you a warranty on their work?

Were The Battery Cables, And Battery Terminals Disconnected, Cleaned, And Reconnected ? That Should Be Done Whenever A Car Intermittently Has Lights, But Won’t Crank. The Entire Length Of The Cables Should Be Inspected.

It wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about a new battery if that’s the orignal. The original battery would be 7 to 8 years old and wouldn’t owe you anything. They’re easier to replace in nice weather on your schedule.