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Cr-v vibration

I drive a 1999 CRV. The car has 250,000 miles but there are 100,000 on the engine. At highway speeds, and recently even at 40 mph, eventually a strong vibration/knock/rattle occurs when I have my foot on the gas. It stops when I take my foot off the gas. I can hear and feel this vibration through the floor. It almost feels like something is rattling off track and then corrects itself and stops but soon starts again. It’s alarming enough to make me afraid to keep driving and it feels worse going uphill. It’s not the tires–they’re new. My trusty mechanic can’t find anything wrong. Help!

This is a shot in the dark, but there is a known issue with the Center Differential on Honda CR-Vs. If the differential fluid has never been changed, I would strongly suggest that you have it done. Make sure that your mechanic uses ONLY genuine Honda Dual-Pump Fluid, as anything else is not compatible with the Honda’s mechanicals.

Even if this maintenance does not cure the vibration, it may at least save you from some very expensive repairs to the center differential. This procedure should be done every 60k miles, but it appears that few CR-V owners do so, and then they run into problems.

VDCdriver is 100% correct