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2009 Honda CR-V - strange groan

My honda crv makes a strange groaning from the engine when i make a slow turn or i take off from a stop sign while turning the wheel. This noise is more prominent when the weather is cold, but it has gotten worse over the past month. I don’t believe it is affecting the performance of the car, but I have noticed that the gas mileage has gone down slightly over the past month and a half or so. If you have any guesses, please let me know.

Probably a wheel bearing that is on its way out .Take your car to a mechanic ASAP because you could loose a wheel if the bearing fail.

Are you sure that the noise is coming from the engine?
I ask because there is a known issue with noises and slippage from the center differential on CRVs.
The solution for that center diff problem is to change the diff fluid, using ONLY Honda’s proprietary Dual Pump Fluid. That procedure involves changing the fluid in the rear diff at the same time as the center diff.

We don’t know the age of your CRV, or how many miles are on the odometer, but if it is more than… let’s say… 5 years old, the problem may be the result of this known issue.

My first inclination was to say that he should check the power steering reservoir… it may be low and introducing air bubbles as a result… which… groan esp with the turning of wheel…

Just a thought

That is another possibility.
So, if the OP finds that his PS fluid level is okay, then I think that he should check his maintenance record to see when–if ever–the diff fluid was changed.

If the PS fluid level is low, then he should be sure to refill it with genuine Honda PS fluid, as that make is extremely finicky about the types of fluids that are used.

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