2000 Honda CRV

When I turn the wheel to make a hard turn or u-turn, the car makes a squealing sound. I don’t know from which side/end the sound is coming from. I took the car to the mechanic for a major check-up, he heard the sound and he could not find the problem. The noise is present after the car has been running for a while but not when I start the car, (which is usually in the mornings). The problem began after I had a car accident in which the car hit my passenger side.

It is extremely likely that you are experiencing a problem that is well-known with CR-vs as they age, and it is a problem relating to the vehicle’s center differential. The noise is from the tires binding on tight, low-speed turns, as this produces noises that can be described variously as groaning or squealing. It is a shame that your mechanic is not familiar enough with these vehicles to know about this documented problem that virtually all CR-Vs experience any time after ~50k miles .

Anyway, the good news is that the cure is to change the fluid in the center diff. Just be sure that you use ONLY genuine Honda Dual-Pump Fluid, as anything else may do more damage than has already been done to the differential. This stuff can only be obtained from a Honda dealer’s parts department, and it is not cheap, but it should relieve the problem.

The center diff and the rear diff on these vehicles are connected in such a way that draining the rear diff also drains the center diff. Refilling the rear diff also refills the center diff. Just make sure that you buy enough from the Honda parts department to do the job properly. The parts guy at the dealership should be able to tell you how many qts to buy.

vcdriver is correct you MUST use honda fluid.
Also on the crv the correct honda antifreeze must be used or it will jell up and you will need to new radiator.

Thanks for the quick response. I will go to the Honda mechanics and discuss the problem, and suggested solutions. Thanks, VDCdriver and hd72mm.

Thanks again,

It could be your diff fluid however it may be some damage that occured from the accident manifesting itself given the timing. It also could simply be a brake rotor rubbing or wheel bearing or drivetrain problems.

I would start with changing the diff fluid as it is likely needed anyway.

Thanks for the input, andrew_j!