Car vibrates

My 2007 Honda CRV has started to vibrate when I am driving. At around 45 miles an hour is when it vibrates. Seems to be in the wheels. Doesn’t happen all the time. At first I thought the road was rough, but now happens more often only for brief period then drives normally. Car dealer took it for a test drive. They told me it needed a silicone fluid in the differential and they did apply the fluid. They said this often happens in the Honda CRV models. The car still is vibrating while driving usually around 40-45 MPR. Can you help with a solution? Barb

How bad is the vibration? Small or serious steering wheel shaking?

If the vibration changes at speeds above 40-45 mph (gets worse, etc), then I would be inclined to think it is a tire out of balance, a bent wheel, or a front end alignment issue. The easiest to check is to go look at the tread on the front tires. If they are wearing fast or only one side, then it could be an alignment issue. If the tread is wearing evenly, then it could an imbalance.

I assume you don’t have frozen ice in one of the wheels? That can cause vibration now that we are into winter conditions. If you know what the wheel weights look like on your CRV, then I would look to see if it looks like one went missing. The weights are installed when the tires are balanced. Losing one can cause the vibration.

The dealership is correct about CR-Vs having a problem with their differentials that necessitates changing the diff lubricant. And, ONLY genuine Honda Dual Pump Fluid can be used in the diff.

That being said, the symptom of CR-V differential problems is an odd squeeking or grinding noise when making sharp turns at low speed. Vibration at highway speeds is not a symptom of CR-V differential problems.

I think that you have a “driveability” problem related to the engine and its electronics, but from a distance that is just my best guess. If you had a tire balance problem, that vibration would not come and go at the same speed, as you state that it does.

Do you feel the vibration through the steering wheel or the brakes? Is it during acceleration, deceleration, or both?

Thanks for the feedback. The vibration is only for a brief time as if you hit a bad patch in the road. It feels like the front end is vibrating. No ice because I have had this problem for a a month or so. I thought the fluid for the differential was the issue. But I guess, this is another matter. Wheels have been re-aligned by the dealership and tread checked. All is well there. Because the weights appear to be on the inside of the wheel, I may have to take it back to the dealership.

Thanks for the feedback. I thought when the dealer put the fluid in the Honda it would take care of the vibrating, but not the case. The dealer took it out on a test drive and knew immediately it had a problem on sharp turns as you mentioned. He may have thought that was the only problem at the time. However, vibrating at a specific speed is what I brought the car in for. You mention the electronics. That is something I will have to have the dealer check . Interesting quandary.

Thanks. The vibration is not coming from the steering wheel or the brakes. Brakes are not being applied when this happens. It only happens briefly while I am slowing the car down from a faster speed, therefore, in the decleration mode I guess. It feels like you are hitting a patch in the road that is rough ,like the ones they put near stop signs to slow you down. The whole front end seems to shake.

Did this ever get resolved? I am going nuts with the same thing on my 07 CR-V. Everyone is baffled. Help, please!!