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Couldn't download the podcast for show #0902 (January 10th, 2009)

This isn’t really a car question, but more a Car Talk show question. I subscribe to the weekly Car Talk podcast, and have been getting each show since last June without a problem. This week, however, when I downloaded show #0902, I got an episode tagged as show #0902 (with appropriate description), but when I listened to it on my iPod, I found it oddly familiar… Indeed, it was last week’s show, a rerun which included a call from Antarctica and no puzzler! I’ve tried downloading it again, but without success.

So, my question is the following: has this ever happened to anyone? If so, does anyone know how to fix it (aside from listening to the show using streaming, on the site, that worked, but I want to listen to Car Talk on my iPod!)?

Or has Car Talk finally decided to boycott listeners stationed in Europe, or maybe just France??

Same thing happened to me. I’m having Car Talk withdrawal. I usually look forward to listening to the new show on Monday when I go to work, but its the same as last’s on the podcast. Unless they upload the newest show, i doubt theres any way to remedy it. We may have to wait another week until the next one.

I must say I’m almost relieved to hear that it’s just not me. I too am suffering from Car Talk withdrawal (and I really wanted to hear the answer to the Puzzler), so I guess I’ll just have to listen to it on the web site, until this issue is fixed.
Thanks a bunch for your answer, MykeyInChains!

Good news for us Podcasters! I just downloaded the podcast another time, and lo and behold! it worked this time. Go figure! =)

Amelie B-N,
Your problem seems related to what I have been noticing on the broadcasts in general. Last week’s (2/21/09) episode was heard by me about 5 years ago. The puzzler continuity of answer to the previous week’s puzzle is intact. This leads me to think that Click and Clack have been on sabbatical for a while. This week (2/28/09) one caller talked about buying her new 2002 vehicle only a couple of years ago.

The last three weeks (2/14, 2/21, and 2/28/09) have all been reruns with recycled calls and puzzlers. I wonder what’s going on, and why they don’t have the usual announcement that it’s an “encore presentation of Car Talk” (at least in the podcast versions)?