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Exhaust system

I need to repair my 1998 Volvo V70 Exhaust System. I got two quotes one was for $1,800 and the other was for $1,500. That seemed like a lot of Money to invest into a car that has almost 150,000 miles. The Catalytic Converter ranges is cost between $700 and $1000. So I looked on ebay an you can get complete systems for $250.00 to $400.00. I am willing to do the work my self but when I went to the auto part store he had told me that the systems on ebay are generic and may screw up the oxgen sensor and that the car would nat pass emmisions. I need to repair this car. But at what cost. I do not want to through good money after bad.

If the systems you’re alluding to are brand new “direct fit” systems from legit supply sources, then go there. If they’re from private individuals, I’d avoid them.

You could also get parts prices from local parts stores, which is my personal preference. Ask them too if they’ll give you any kind of discount. I typically get 10% to 15%. As a matter of fact, I just got a part with a 15% seniors discount “drop shipped” to my house free of charge. It’s amazing what you can get just by asking.

If you’re willing to do the work yourself the best thing to do is buy the parts from a local parts store. That way you’ll have some recourse if something doesn’t fit correctly.

What will you do if an eBay part doesn’t fit?

Personally, I’d find an independent mechanic and pay to have the work done. $1,500 or so isn’t really that much to spend on car repairs. It’s a lot cheaper than buying another car.

I am ok with the Labor cost it is the parts cost that are all over the map.

Prices for the new replacement rim I just bought varied from $218 to almost $600 (dealer). The same website had prices from different suppliers that varied a few hundred bucks.

so my question to the Car talk guys is how do I spend as little as possible on this exhaust repair to get the car road ready. I do not want to be an oem system only to find out that the car can not pass emissions.

The real difference is profit. The feds specify minimum quality standards. However they don’t do much regulating the fit, so a cheap one my be more difficult to fit on.

Thank you for everyones input. But I still need the answer as to weather these other eqiupment companies will screw up my system. Will the car pass emissions with them. Can some one recomend a supplyer

If you want a guarantee that putting these parts on your car will end in a “pass” you must first either tell us what you did to definitly lable the cat. “bad” or if you did not do anything but read a “low efficiency” code you have more testing to do. You would not be the first to get on this cat/02 sensor,failed emissions."check engine"light treadmill.

Is this eahaust system destroyed by rust or is this all over a “check engine” light?

If you want a prediction, there isn’t a good one coming. I guess that the off-brand parts will work on a new Volvo but nobody knows where the problem is on your car without a description of the circumstances surrounding the repair. Even if you don’t cheat on the story, there is no way to predict the odds of success.

“I still need the answer as to weather these other eqiupment companies will screw up my system.”

No, if you get an aftermarket “direct fit” part made for your Volvo it will not screw up your system.

“Will the car pass emissions with them. Can some one recomend a supplyer [sic].”

None of us can answer that without knowing why the cat converter is being replaced and, if it’s because of emissions readings, exactly what the readings were, what the car’s condition and maintenance history is, and how the problem was diagnosed to be the cat converter.

In summary, if the car passes emissions now and the converter is being replaced because of rot, a proper (see above) aftermarket replacement will not cause the car to fail emissions. If the car is failing emissions or marginal, we need more data to even render an intelligent guess.

We’ve recommended a supplier. Your local parts store. Ask for any available discount.