Cost for Replacing 2009 Honda Fit Rear bumper and bumper supports

In the Philadelphia Area, we were sold a used Honda Fit with an improperly mounted Rear Bumper we have been quoted $5,000 (!!!) to fix this. This has to be incorrect. Can anyone out there offer safe places to get the car checked out for an honest repair estimate? thank you!!!


Why would you have to replace it? Just re-mount it properly.

It sounds like it’s been hit. Perhaps followed by a “ghetto repair”. How bad is the damage?

Sorry to be the one to point out the obvious.

A new rear bumper cover for this lists for around $200 and then labor to install & paint. Unless something else is wrong(???) I would say find another shop.

I’ll bet lunch that there’s more to the story than simply an “improperly mounted” rear bumper.
I’ll bet dinner that the car’s been hit and there’s damage to the bumper’s substructure.
I’ll bet breakfast that the bumper cannot be straightened out without repairing the substructure.

$5,000 would be about right.

You can try this link for a shop in your area.

(Your making me hungry, bike. Unfortunately I would probably be the one having to buy!) :wink:

Hi, I dont have all the details, but yes, we were sold a salvaged car, got it looked at and it all seemed squared away. upon getting hit while parked on the street this year, the repair shop informed us that the bumper, although installed is improperly installed. it definitley has been rattling ever since we bought it, wondering why the racket coming from the back of the car, Now we know: ugh! thank you for the feedback, i do have a feeling there was damage to the substructure. crap. oh well, thanks again…cars…cant live with em, cant live w.o em. grrrrr

year, it is a 2009 honda fit

See if you find someone to quiet it and drive on. If the title is salvage it likely is not worth it to fix it properly.

If it has a salvage title it was totaled… If it was totaled, it was hit HARD… If it was hit hard, then yes your unibody was probably messed up. This is one of the down falls to a salvage car… PS what did you pay for this car??

Salvage history on a newer car will more then half its retail value.

Puddincat, I thank you for your followup post and I commend you on your honesty.

I don’t know what you’ve sunk into it so far, but frankly, if it was a typical salvage/auction price and the shop you talked to can make it correct for $5K, you might have yourself a good deal in the end.

Sincere best.