Plastic bumper repair

The rear bumper of my Solara has a significant tear that needs repair. Some shops tell me that it will need a complete new bumper, estimated cost about $700, and painting, etc, bringing the total cost to about $1000. I have seen some websites for a process that repairs bumper covers rather than replacong them. HELLLLPPPPPP. Anyway to economize on this repair?

Can’t you find a bumper cover in a junk yard? I’d try that first.

I would find a junkyard bumper cover and then get it painted to match car unless you don’t care. The cost is not great to match/paint it.

How much are those repair kits? If they’re cheap, try it, see if it works.

Why didn’t I think of that? I owned a number of Brit cars and was always looking for used parts! Just located a bumber cover for less than half the price of a new one and it is the right color!!!

Most salvage yards carry only bumper assemblies meaning it is not very often you can find the bumper cover by itself. But, I hope you find one.

4 bolts will remove the whole bumper from below.
The bumper will slide off the back.
go to pick your part and buy bumper to replace it.

Job should only take 30 minutes.

The repair kits are about $20. You can repair it but will need to goove it out, reinforce the rip, fill it in, sand it off, prime and paint. If you have some dent repair skills or experience and tools, no problem but otherwise I’d either get a used one in the same color if you can, or an aftermarket for about $150 and have it painted.