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Bad idea: $77 Ebay Honda bumper? Cost to get it painted?

Friend’s rear bumper cracked.

  1. I can buy repro Honda bumper for $77. Bad idea?
  2. If you had to put a number on it, what would you estimate someone will charge to paint it.|Year:1999|Submodel:DX&hash=item230f940ab5&item=150585215669&pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr#ht_3791wt_1397

Fine idea, but use the qualitydiscouncarparts site and not Ebay.
A pro will charge about $170 to paint it. It might be just as easy to just buy it painted from qulaitydiscountcarparts. The final price will be about the same and it’ll be less hassle.

Fine idea, but use the qualitydiscouncarparts site and not Ebay.

Seems like it will be more once shipping is added in.
If its a better product, then I get it.

How certain are you that this will fit exactly? Non-OEM bumpers can be great, but they can also be a royal pain by not being exactly the dimensions of the original part. If you get one of the latter ones, it can involve a lot of time, frustration, and expense to get it fitted properly.

My $170 was just a rough guess based on having had a lip spoiler painted last year. It might be more even, depending on the shop. The cost difference between having it painted locally and the “painted” cost stated in the qualitydiscountcarparts website just seemed not significant enough to make it worth the aggrivation of getting it done locally.

It’s a personal choice, as always.

Have you checked the price from the body shop that will paint it? Maybe they can get a good one at a reasonable price.

Around here the going price used to be about $150 per panel. A blended panel was considered a full panel. Price has gone up for sure. Best bet would be to buy it painted if possible and then don’t expect a perfect match if the adjoining panels aren’t blended to match.