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Corvette top

Where could I go to sell a never used 07 orange corvette glass top? I can’t find a place…Brand new it went for $1500…

eBay Motors

Gotta be up there as an odd question of the month…uh, craigslist? ebay? Corvette forums?

I tried finding a price for existing corvette tops in all those mentioned websites and could not find one for a glass top, which is why I was asking about possible places to sell. It seems like I will have to put it up for sale and find out how much I can get and put in a reserve price. Maybe just trying search terms that are not working…

A lot of Chevy dealers host Corvette clubs at the dealerships in the evenings once a month. Contact a Chevy dealer about attending a meeting.

Used stuff normally goes for 50% of the price for new so I think you’re in the $5-800 level. There have to be local or regional clubs though.

A 30 day eBay with a “top dollar” buy it now price will sell the top…BUT, on items like this, shipping can be a deal-breaker…Do your homework on that…

Wait until the weather gets better, unless you live in SoCal or a similar warm area. Attend local car shows and talk to Corvette owners about pricing it. Maybe they can help you find someone that wants it.