What are the top Corvette dealers in the USA?

Based on reputation for great service, sales, parts, etc. Thanks!

Your chances of getting an answer that you want to that question on this board are somewhere between slim and none. Away with you now to some Corvette boards and have fun!

LOL I deserved that. Have a good weekend!

Why are you asking? Are you planning to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to buy a Vette from a highly-rated dealer? That would be silly. Your local Chevy dealer can get you a Corvette. They might not know how to take care of it, but you can find someone for that, too, if you look around.

If I recall correctly, you are in the market for a used Corvette - late 80’s or early 90’s. I would not worry at all about a Chevy dealer, but would find a good garage that is not associated with GM. Find a local Corvette club and ask them for advice. The national clubs usually have local chapters.