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Corolla 03 Timing Chain Markings

Im working on my engine and need to set the timing correctly on the chain… Diagrams? Help? Thank you

Follow the instructions in your service manual.

You’re not working on the engine without a manual, are you?

You might check in the Repair section of the AutoZone website and they should, knock on wood, have this procedure there.

Just being curious of course, what is the reason for getting involved with a timing chain on an '03 Corolla?

Which Engine ?
1ZZ-FE ?
2zz-Ge ?
2zz-FE ?


Do You Have A Few Yellow Links On The Timing Chain ?

If so, with #1 piston at TDC compression and the crankshaft key at 12:OO, align the yellow chain links so that they align (straddle) the marks on the camshfts and the crankshaft.

Double check this with your repair manual.


well I was gonna. I have a mechanic who pretty much knows it all around, we just wasnt sure if something like this would be in the manual, given that it’s a chain, not belt so it should not need replacement… plus I thought I didnt have the manual… Thank you…

1zz-fe… but I did find the answer in the manual thank you

perfect, if I didnt find my manual, you’d save me. Thanks

well Im actually swapping a 98 engine with 03… the 03 engine was abused and ran out of oil, so I’m trying to replace the bearings oil pump, etc… then swap them… and yes, finding my manual was a huge help - which I got from Autozone… thanks