87 broken timing belt

My timing belt broke.
1987 Toyota Corolla Sport SR5 Coupe 2 door L4 1.6L Vin A 1586cc Type 4AC 2bbl Gas SOHC 5 speed trans. (T50) RWD 87HP AE86

What is the proper orientation,
of the Camshaft gear, (has a raised dot & a 3/16 dia. hole, opposite the dot)
to the block (the block has 3 diamond marks)
& the Crankshaft gear, (has a grove mark) to the block (block has 1 raised dot).

I have everything cleaned & ready to go, but I need to know the gear placements before I proceed. If you do not know, can you direct me to someone or somewhere (internet) I can go to, to get an answer?

Go to the auto parts store, buy a Gates brand timing belt component kit, it has the belt, tensioner, etc. Every complete kit I’ve gotten from them has instructions and diagrams included. You don’t get that when you buy just the belt.

@asemaster: Already have all my parts. I still need an answer. All the lit. info. assumes you are replacing a working belt. I am not.

?? What’s the difference? The timing marks are the same whether the belt is broken or not. See if this is what you’re looking for:

Funny or odd? U buy belt/kit but have to go online to ask how to align timing marks. Maybe it is the Internet? U don’t buy shop manual or go to library to use all data account. But u will use ur iPhone to goggle a website to ask instructions. What happens if u lose iPhone?

@asemaster: The G00214375, & G82186 are appropriate for my car. Does the distributor have to be adjusted prior to resetting the gears?

Nope. Line up the marks, slap a belt on and fire it up.

So, this engine is NOT an interferance engine??

@EllyEllis: My research says, this engine is NOT an interference engine. Does every one agree?

Gates states that it is not an interference engine. There is only one overhead cam, so intake/exhaust valve interference is not an issue.

Use the repair guides at Autozone.com. You’ll need to create a log-in account, but they should have the info you need.

Does everyone agree w/asemaster; Just.…Line up the marks, slap a belt on and fire it up.

Yes. Line it up and fire it up.

@Rod Knox: Does it matter which gear you line up 1st? Is there a sequence to follow?

G82186 is the correct diagram for the 4AC engine. As a fine tune, I think there are two lines on the camshaft gear at about the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. When you line up the triangle in the hole, then you make the final adjustments by lining up these two lines with the top of the head. That eliminates parallax error.

If you did not remove the distributor, then you don’t need to make any adjustments there. If you did, post back and I will link you to a procedure for realigning the distributor, its pretty simple once you see the procedures.

@trueno, the distributor is timed to the cam. The crank will turn 2 times for every one of the cam. Just time the cam to TDC, turn the crank by hand twice around to insure the marks line back up once the belt is on it, then let 'er rip!

According to the diagram timing is set by matching the marks on the belt to the marks on the crank and cam pulleys. It does not matter which is set first because it is a non interference engine. Of you match the marks and set the tensioner you should be good to go.

@Rod Knox: The belt does not have marks. The information you eluded to assumes you had an old belt, & marked it BEFORE replacing it with a NEW belt. That is the reason I stated I had a BROKEN belt, & no reference points to match.
@ Keith: No, I did NOT remove the distributor.

Rod, there were a couple engines used for this model, but the 4AC is what the OP specified so it uses the marks on the head and block, not on the belt. ButstedKnuckles is right about turning the engine over for two revolutions and rechecking the marks before buttoning every thing up. and it is a non interference engine.

Excuse me gentlemen. If the timing is not done with marks on the belt it is somewhat more tedious but with a single cam it is not difficult. Rotating the crankshaft 2 complete rotations is necessary to be sure that the timing is correct when static marks are used.

A marked belt really is a great benefit and when I replace old belts that are in time I mark the old one and transfer the marks to the new one to speed up the job. With twin cam V-6 engines marking the old belt saves a great deal of time.