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Timing chain and water pump

I have 124,000 plus miles on my 2003 Toyota Corolla S series and wonder how soon the timing chain and water pump need to be changed

You might be half way there. If you have a timing belt, you are past due for a change. I believe you have a chain however, so you can put it off until the noise gets too bad. Chains tend to get noisy some time before they go.

You should change both now. Check your manual.

If it has a timing CHAIN replace it when it’s noisy, and that won’t be for a good long time. Replace the pump when it leaks, or as part of the replacement of the timing BELT if it has one.

Check your owner’s manual.

Kizwiki is wrong.

It has been many years since any of the Corolla engines have used a timing belt.
As Mr. Meehan and Jay mentioned, the time to replace the timing chain on this Corolla is when it is apparent that it needs to be changed, and that will be when it begins to make noise or if it gives any indication of having “jumped timing”. It could well be another 85k to 100k more miles before it is necessary to replace the timing chain on this engine, or it could be never.

As to the water pump, Jay is correct that it should be replaced at the same time as the timing chain or if it gives any indications, such as noise, weepage or leakage. Water pumps are replaced proactively only if one is also replacing a timing belt or a timing chain.

Kizwiki is wrong.

There is all kinds of cool info on timing belts, oil changes, where the dipsticks are etc… in your owners manual. Please read it! If you don’t have one and would like one try
Does anybody even read the owners manual anymore? Aaarrrrgggghhhhh! !

The Corrola went to a chain in 1998…Chains do not need to be replaced as a part of normal maintenance.

Thank you for your very complete and what I believe to be most accurate reply