Finding the correct timing for my car

I own a 1996 Geo Prizm 1.6L

The timing belt teeth broke I replaced it with a new one. Unfortunately, I do not seem to know where I should line up the flywheel and the valve gear so the firing timing will be correct. Could you help me figure out how to align them?

Your best bet is to find a repair manual specific to your car model, year, and engine. Local libraries often have good ones. Or you can get an online manual for a small fee (, or you can buy one at a local parts store.

This has to be very precise. You’ll need a repair manual for this.

This Must Be The 8 Valve Engine. The 16 Valve Is An Interference Design.

Is this an 8 valve engine?

I believe there should be one timing mark on the camshaft sprocket that you align with a “notch” at the top of the inner timing belt cover.

One timing mark on the crankshaft sprocket aligns with a timing mark on the oil pump case.

Do you have those four timing marks?


I do, on the camshaft there is a marking labeled “K” and another one labeled “A” we found TDC for cilinder 1 and aligned it with mark K. it did not work. so we tried mark A and it seems to start but only if the distributor is moved. there is only one bolt hole for the distributor and when we move it it does not fit back.

the manual we purchased does not talk about finding the timing if the belt breaks.