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2001 Toyota MR2 Soft Top Replacement?

Hi all,

My 2001 MR2 Spyder was the recent victim of some vandalism that destroyed the rear window and, as a convertible, I’m going to have to replace the entire soft top shell. Unfortunately, because the car is no longer in production, the replacement shell falls under the heading of “betterment” according my insurance company and most of the quotes I’ve been getting are around $1900. There’s got to be a cheaper option, right? Is this the kind of thing I could replace myself? Thanks in advance for everyone’s help!

They sell a complete kit here with installation instructions.


Here a site that sells them, I have no idea how good they are. They might also be able to discuss your ability to do it yourself:
Here’s an MR2 forum with instructions on removal and installation (2/3 way down). You might see if anyone there has commented on the supplier, or register and ask yourself.

I get the impression that the insurance company wants to replace the rear window if that’s all they want to pay for. It appears that your insurance covers the vandalism. It is up to your insurer to figure it out.