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Cabrio back window peeling from canvas roof

I have a 2002 VW Cabrio (convertible) and the back window is beginning to peel away from the canvas roof. We called a mechanic who says the entire roof needs replacing at a cost of $1300. This seems crazy as the the window just appears to be glued to the canvas. Any suggestions?

Glue it back?

Seriously, look for a specialist in your area that does automotive upholstery and convertable roofs. A typical mechanic’s shop does do this sort of wor and would replace the whole roof, as you were told, but an automotive upholstry place typically does do this sort of work.

A “Top Shop” typically will repair this and they have the expertise and materials to do it…

You don’t need a mechanic. You need a shop that does automotive upholstery and convertible tops. Surely there is one somewhere near you. Consult your local telephone directory.