How to Clean a Black Convertible Top?

The top is brand new, and I keep the car covered (car cover) and under the carport. The problem is the lint and dust that seems attracted to the fabric black top. How can I keep the top clean without having to wet it and wash it all the time? I don’t drive this car every day, so it gets the good wash/polish once a month or so. Thanks!

Everyone I know who owns a convertible vehicle uses Lemon Pledge on their tops. This cleans the top, and the lemon oil leaves a shine and prevents the top from drying out.


This might be a “German cloth” (fabric) type top…Don’t use Pledge on that type of material. You might try covering the top with a clear plastic sheet to keep the lint and dust off it. Put the canvas car cover over the plastic…

The fact that it is black is why it is so noticeable.

But here’s a thought - how about anti-static spray?

It might be worth trying.