Starter clicks once. No start. Don t try to

New starter. New alt. Battery hot. Connections good. Please Don t say bad motor

Put a breaker bar/socket on the crank bolt and see you can tun the engine over by hand.



the battery should not be hot. if you meant not a new battery then get it check out. if you did mean battery is hot then something is stopping the engine from turning the engine over and over heating the battery.
but since you said not to say the motor…I wont. lol


Measure the voltage at the start terminal on the starter solenoid when the key is in “start”? It should be 10 -12 volts. For more help here good idea to tell us the make/model/year and anything recently done that might affect cranking. If it was cranking and starting ok recently, a “bad motor” diagnosis is highly unlikely. It is usually a bad starter motor or starter motor solenoid that causes clicks, provided the battery is good.

do as Tester said. take the plugs out to make it easier to turn, if it will.

I’m going to be a bit less than literal and assume “hot” means your battery has plenty of juice. If you’ve confirmed this, great. If not, please do, as @George_San_Jose1 suggested. Check the connections to make sure they’re clean and tight. If your battery is indeed good and everything else checks out, parts do, in fact, fail and your starter may be bad.

What kind of car is this? How old? I also second the advice to put a breaker bar on the crankshaft pulley and see of the motor will turn by hand. If not, I would remove the accessory belts one-at-a-time and try again. I have heard stories about people who bought used cars for very little money, which were believed to have a locked-up engine, and then discovered that it was actually a locked-up A/C compressor, or other accessory preventing the engine from turning.

Voltage on battery is 12. I tried turning the motor by hand with a big ratchet. No breaker bar though. Would turn with a ratchet. If it is the motor it gave absolutely no advance warning. No knocking. Was running perfect until it just suddenly stopped on highway. Not overheating oil levels good.

The battery only has a 40% state of charge.

Charge the battery and then see if it starts.


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yes volts too low. I have also seen a new starter that was defective

I even tried yesterday with booster cables attached. Truckd had full power

The donor vehicle may have to idle for 10 minutes before the battery will turn the engine over.


Donor vehicle had just returned from 100 mile trip. But Im going to go hook it up again and let it stay connected for a bit and see what happens

What year/model is this Chevy?


08 avalanche

did you put in a brand new starter or like a autozone or pepboys rebuilt starter?

Yes rebuilt. Auto zone. But i had it tested before I bought it.

it might work on the bench but might not have enough torque to turn over your motor. sometimes they just change out the defective part and everything else is old. even though it says all new parts. if you hook another car battery up and let it run for 10-15 minutes and it does the same thing then go exchange the starter. and make sure all your connections are clean and tight. my son has had a starter from autozone that just clicked. he returned it and exchanged it for a new not rebuilt starter and it worked.

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