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Confusing traffic signs

20 most confusing traffic signs :slight_smile:

I’m thinking a few of those were photoshopped in, but some i can see being legit.
Pretty sure I’ve seen #12 while down in Delaware, Ohio. Several major state routes connect in that area and the north/south bound entrances to 23 and 42 are a little ways away from each other.
In fact, I can probably place near exactly where that sign is in person

I’ve seen something similar to the school zone sign when visiting back up in Hartford. Never understood why they didn’t just go with “school zone; speed limit 25 mph”; or even “school zone/ speed limit 25 mph M-F” rather than those bizarre time carve outs.

Saw a no outlet sign while in Amish country! Also whatever Park, with a no parking sign underneath.

‘No road signs’ makes sense: they’re warning you that the following stretch of road lacks whatever signs would have to be on a maintained road. I remember an intersection in eastern West Virginia where you could go all 4 directions at once, each on different road numbers that were sharing a piece of pavement.

There’s a infamous road sign here in the San Jose area which takes nearly a paragraph to explain what times of the day you can, and can’t , make a right turn on red light. It’s infamous b/c of all the traffic tickets that sign generates. Drivers unfamiliar w/the sign just don’t have time to read an entire paragraph to decides whether it is legal to turn or not. Ask me how I know … lol …

I have to say I laughed at many of those road signs in the article, very funny.

Three signs stacked on top of one another pointing different ways. Winslow, Windom, Windsor. In Augusta Me.