Condensation tube

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus, and I have a suspicion my condensation tube may be clogged. How do I locate this on my car, and what method(s) do I use to clear it?

The tube will be in front of the passenger foot well underneath the car. Once you have the car up high enough (safely) look for the tube hanging down in front of the fire wall in that location. To clean the blockage, run a short piece of weed wacker line up the tube and work it around in a circle. If water starts running out, you know you have cleared the problem. If you have access to compressed air, you might set the regulator on 30 psi and shoot some air up there to blow out any left over debris. The problem is that any debris that you blow up into the evaporator will eventually have to wash out later.

Good luck on this.